Taranto (“the city of the two seas”) is located on the homonymous gulf between the open sea, called Mar Grande, and a large lagoon with two basins, Mar Piccolo, interconnected by two narrow canals.

A natural one surmounted by the Ponte di Pietra (Ponte di Porta Napoli) and an artificial one, excavated by King Ferdinand I of Naples (1481), surmounted by Ponte Girevole, built in 1887 and rebuilt in 1958, which has a header at the walls of the Aragonese Castle and the other on the modern waterfront (corso Due Mari) of the New Town.


In ancient times it was one of the richest and most important centres of the Magna Graecia and the protagonist of historical battles.

Thanks to the presence of fresh underwater springs, mussel and oyster farming, practised in the Mar Piccolo, have gained esteem and are also recognised abroad. Taranto is also renowned for its viticulture with a designation of controlled origin developed especially in its province.

The tourist itinerary starts from the Old Town, whose built-up area has preserved the ancient urban structure and from the Duomo di San Cataldo (11th – 12th century), dedicated to the Patron Saint: consisting of three naves and a two-nave crypt, the façade was rebuilt in Baroque form as the sumptuous Chapel of San Cataldo, decorated with marble inlays and large frescoes by De Matteis.

Continue to the Gothic church of San Domenico, remodelled in the Baroque period and the Aragonese Castle, which houses a late-Renaissance chapel.

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