Casa Isabella welcomes its guests in the stunning atmosphere created by the history of its walls, by the wise organisation of spaces and by the perfect and silent interlocking of all the comforts of contemporary hospitality.

The elegant door leads into the inner courtyard, where, on sunny days, the living stone of the walls shines with all the magnificence of its simplicity. Attracting the attention of visitors is a small Neapolitan Baroque style chapel, built by the Duke Placido De’ Sangro in remembrance of his mother Argentina Caracciolo, overlooking the court and which may be used for the celebration of a civil ceremony by spouses who choose Casa Isabella as the setting for their most beautiful day.

The elegantly renovated interiors offer guests who stay there the chance to discover enchanting unchanged corners of history. A large staircase leads to halls, corridors, hallways and terraces that create an intimate and enchanted atmosphere where you can spend pleasant moments of relaxation.

The park surrounding the building will be the perfect setting for a walk in the greenery, to sip an aperitif in the shade of the most luxuriant trees and enjoy the sounds, colours and scents of nature that in Apulia take on unique and inimitable tones.