Casa Isabella, between history and nature

There is a risk of falling in love with the places and spaces of this hotel which tell a story beginning in the last decades of the Nineteenth Century and continues to the present day.

You can breathe in the love that has bound the vicissitudes of its protagonists. It all starts with a loving gift from a husband to his beloved wife and continues in the stories of the owners who have succeeded one another over the decades.

You can feel the care and passion that has led Casa Isabella to being a leading example of Apulian hospitality. An exclusive hotel, an outstanding restaurant, a venue for out-of-the-ordinary events.

Crossing the threshold of the imposing arched door that welcomes guests into the building allows you to enter a place where time seems to stand still.

Walking through the large stone courtyard leads the visitor to immediately take in the historical tradition that surrounds this place and to enjoy the reverence for that past tradition, which has been the source of inspiration for the conservative renovation carried out on the building.

The elegance of the interior, in which the grand floors can be accessed thanks to a majestic stone and wrought-iron staircase, is confirmed in the refinement of the rooms and the large communal spaces.

Finely furnished and equipped with every comfort, the twenty-four rooms and two suites offer guests modern and state-of-the-art solutions for a comfortable stay or short breaks away from the chaos of everyday life.

As far as the eye can see, the centuries-old park surrounds the building in a hectare and a half of unspoiled nature, between tree-lined avenues, splendid specimens of plants and trees typical of the Mediterranean maquis.

You can lose yourself by going in search of small relaxing corners characterised by marble benches and old-fashioned street lamps, the perfect setting for special occasions such as weddings and outdoor events.
Waiting to be discovered is a precious little Neapolitan baroque church located in the inner courtyard of the building.

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