Taranto (“the town of two seas”) is situated on the gulf bearing the same name between the open sea called Mar Grande and a wide lagoon with two docks, Mar Piccolo, linked by two narrow channels.

On the natural channel there is the Stone Bridge (Ponte di Pietra o ponte di Porta Napoli) and on the other one, artificial, ordered by the king Ferdinand I of Naples (1481), there is the Moving Bridge (Ponte Girevole), built in 1887and remade in 1958, which has a head near the Aragonese Castle’s walls and the other on modern promenade (Corso Due Mari) of the New Town (Città Nuova).


In the past it was one of the wealthiest and most important centres of Magna Grecia and protagonist of historical battles. Thanks to the presence of fresh spring submarine water, the mussels and oysters cultivations, in Mar Piccolo, are famous also abroad. Taranto is also important for its wines developed above all in its provinces.


The tourist itinerary starts from the Old Town (Città Vecchia), with its ancient town-planning structures and San Cataldo Dome (Duomo di San Cataldo, XI-XII centuries), dedicated to its Patron: made of 3 aisles and a crypt with two aisles, the façade was remade with baroque forms as the splendid San Cataldo Chapel, decorated with marble marquetries and large frescos by De Matteis.

Moreover you can visit the gothic Church of San Domenico, remade in baroque age and the Aragonese Castle with its late-renaissance chapel.



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