Noci is about an hour far from Casa Isabella; its name comes from the great number of walnut trees existing in the past in that place and is half way between Bari and Taranto, on a pleasant hill of the Murge.

The origin of Noci is very old; in 565 a.c. Conone, captain of Emperor of Giustino II, to hamper the walk of the Goths, built on the hill, where now is Noci, a little military village and in 591 was built the Abbey of Barsento (Badia di Barsento) for San Equizio monks.

The village grew up in 1100 or therebouts for the arrival of Mottola inhabitants, survivors of the sack of the town by the Governor of Taranto.

The town is divided in an ancient part, with winding and narrow lanes , gathered together around the Church Mother (Chiesa Madre), and in a recent part, with large and regular streets which have a great variety of trees(oaks, pine, lime trees) on their side.

At the Abbey (Abbazia) there is the centre of restauration of ancient manuscripts, internationally well-known.

The tourist route leads to the CHURCH OF SANTA MARIA DEL BARSENTO, on the top of a small hill, 440 mt. high on the sea level facing the Pirro Channel. Then there is the CHIESA MATRICE: built in XIV century for Filippo d’Angiò’s will and often restaured.

Dedicated to Santa Maria della Natività, the Church shows a new structure, different from the first one in gothic style, with a tympanum in classic style and an important steeple.

Inside there are some small masterpieces: the polychromatic baptismal font (unknown XIV century), the sculptural group of Madonna con il Bambino by Stefano from Putignano, a baroque Crucifix, 14 large paintings about the Via Crucis by a Naples school, with light Caravaggio tones; in the presbytery there are nine saints, made of local stone and wood.

Moreover, you can visit the SANCTUARY OF MADONNA DELLA CROCE: inside there is a fresco by an unknown author of the XVI century with Mary and the Baby (Maria ed il Bambino).



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