The territory of Mottola was inhabited during the Age Of Bronze (XII-X century b.c.), while during the Age Of Iron, Japigi settled there. Since 207 b.c. it was conquered by Romans and the high middle age by Goths, Byzantine, Longobards, Saracens and since about 1040 by Normans, Swabians and Angevin. The originary byzantine fortification dated 1023 is today the tower near the Church of Santa Maria Immacolata.

The historical route leads to the MEGALITHIC WALLS (Mura Megalitiche) and goes on towards the Chiesa Madre, of uncertain building period, even if the rose-window was surely romanesque. The iscription on the portal shows the extension in 1507. Of the XVIII century is the big statue of Saint Thomas Beckett, archbishop of Canterbury and patron of the town. Valuable is the painting of the Last Supper (Ultima Cena). The steeple, declared as national monument in 1890, dates back to XIV-XV century.

Then you can visit the Byzantine Tower, of circular form, in calcareous stone, with earthy maltas, which keeps inside the waters of an ancient well.

You can also visit the CHURCHES AND THE ROCKY CRYPTS: the most important is at the Masseria Casalrotto where there are the remains of an ancient Benedectine Abbey. Among the other churches there are Madonna delle Sette Lampade, San Gregorio, Sant’Angelo, Santa Margherita and San Nicola.



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