Martina Franca

Martina Franca

Martina Franca, on the extreme part of the Murge of Trulli, at the crossroad between Taranto, Bari and Brindisi, is about half an hour from Casa Isabella.

Born as a town at the beginning of XIV century by the Prince of Taranto Filippo I d’Angiò, was then estate of many families (Tocco, Orsini del Balzo, Coppola, Acquaviva d’Aragona), and from 1507 to 1827 was entitled as Duchy to the Caracciolo of Leone family.

The tourist route starts from old Martina, one of the few historic centres still almost intact, with its baroque architecture different from the one in Lecce. Through the Santo Stefano Arch you go on towards the Ducal Palace (Palazzo Ducale, 1668), painted in fresco by Domenico Carella (1776); then there are the baroque churches of San Martino, San Domenico and Carmine were perhaps Borromini worked as sculptor.

We suggest to visit the places of Fanelli, Magli, Motolese, Stabile, Maggi and Martucci and the typical Trulli, white conic form buildings .

Martina is a little town with traditional, cultural and gastronomic customs and its most important Music Festival of Valle d’Itria on july-august.



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