Gioia del Colle

Gioia del Colle

Gioia del Colle, known for its dairy products, about an hour far from Casa Isabella, has ancient origins; inhabited in prehistoric age, its first historical news begin in 1085 a.c., in Norman age.

Frederick II loved this land and he enlarged the existing Norman castle; after the Angevin and Aragonese periods, the estate was incorporated by the powerful Acquaviva di Conversano family until 1806 when feudal rights were abolished.

The tourist route starts with the visit to the NORMAN-SWABIAN CASTLE: one of the most beautiful in Apulia, whose façade has very high walls covered by projecting stones (bugne); it was built in 1807 by the Norman Riccardo Siniscalco d’Altavilla and was then modified by Frederick II of Swabia.

Then there is the Municipal Theatre (teatro comunale) built in 1841 when the town council decided to use an old shield (Lamione) of an old dominican monastery as theatre.

You go on towards the Church Mother (Chiesa Madre): after the building of the castle (1087), the Norman Riccardo Siniscalco, replacing the very old San Marco Church, founded the palatine San Pietro Church (1150), then called Virgin Mary of Snow (Madonna della Neve).

The front and steeple were finished in 1893 as written on the pediment of the Church.

Another important place is the National Archaelogical Museum (Museo Archeologico Nazionale): the archeological area of Monte Sannace is situated 5 km. from Gioia del Colle in the Murgia in Bari (Murgia barese).

The slopes of the hill were inhabited and the centre was a link between Adriatic and Jonian coasts, with houses, tombs and four walls for the fortification of the centre.



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